Earn money sharing your expert knowledge from the comfort of your home or even the beach if you prefer?

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Teach from home

Whether you like tutoring while sitting at a desk at home or in a hotel room while doing some island hopping. As long as our students grade you as professional, the venue is up to you.

Earn money

Earn money but we insist that you do it your way. Whether you are a tutor that believes in discipline and rigid routines or whether you are a tutor that is laid back and more relaxed. There is a student looking for your exact profile. You've priced your lessons according to your expertise and needs. You determine your schedule to fit in with your life. We match profiles so you don't have to change yours.

Tutor anytime

Because our platform is global, you can literally tutor anytime in a 24 hour cycle, as you will have students from around the world and in many time zones to choose from.

The benefits of live tutoring

  • 1-on-1 or group attention
  • Flexibility for student and tutor
  • Choose the place you want to tutor or learn from
  • Choose the level of expertise from your tutor
  • Choose the time to engage in your lesson
  • Choose the level of education from your student
  • Determine your own price per lesson
  • Choose a tutor that you like after the free meet and greet

Frequently asked questions


How much can I earn?

How much you earn will be based on the amount of effort you put in. Have a look at the 2 examples below.
5 hours a day (no group classes)
5 x $10 = $50 a day
50 x 5 days a week = $250 a week - working half day
4.25 weeks a month = $1075 a month working half day
If these were group classes that would change the income to $10 635
Group classes work financially and should be done to assist you, as long as students benefit and learn effectively in the process.
3 lessons - 10 people - $10 per person = $100 x 3 = $300
$300 x 5 days a week = $1500 a week
$1500 x 4.25 weeks = $6375 a month - thats a nice income for 3 hours of teaching per day.


Why are there no fees in the first month?

The first month has no fees so that tutors can receive 100% income in month one while  getting a chance to reduce fees for month two.


Do I need tutoring experience?

No official tutoring experience is needed, although it would be greatly beneficial if you do. If you do not have any tutoring experience, your application will be highly vetted based on your resume and profile video.


Do I need a qualification?

Qualifications are not a must, you will need to provide relevant experience and knowledge in the subject you wish to teach on the platform.


What is a qualified academic tutor?

Any tutor that holds a qualification, degree or higher in teaching. It can be language related or a subject such as maths.


What is a non-academic skilled tutor?

Any person who wishes to teach their professional skillset to a learner. You will need to show extensive experience on your resume as well as in your profile video. Applications for non-academic skilled tutors are vetted at the highest quality. Ensuring that you are able to teach learners on our platform and provide experience based mentorship.


How many lessons can I do per week?

This is entirely up to you as an individual. We do recommend that you pace yourself, so that your lessons remain up to par and professional at all times.


How much can I charge?

This is entirely based on experience. Starting from $5 per hour to an impressive $100 per hour. This will be determined by your level of experience and the subject you wish to teach.


What fees are involved when withdrawing funds from the platform?

Please see the Paypal Fees table as this is different from country to country. Login to your paypal account and scroll to the bottom footer and click on fees.


How often do I get paid?

Once the lesson has been completed, the teacher is paid from the student’s wallet. As these funds accumulate, the teacher can request a withdrawal anytime of every month from the platform. Payout dates are on the 1st, 15th and the 25th only. Received withdrawal requests will be paid on the following payout date.


How do I pay less fees?

We have 2 monthly incentives for tutors. You can pay less fees by doing the following.

Option 1 - Migrate or invite your students to join on the platform with your own unique referral code - Starting at 20 Students per month.

Option 2 - Pay less fees based on the amount of lessons you present each month - Starting at 100 lesson per month.


Can I bring my existing students?

Not only do you get rewarded for bringing your current students to the platfom, but you will be able to encourage group classes where you can teach a student and 9 of their friends, together.


How do the group classes work?

Our platform facilitates group classes for up to 10 people at a time. Tutors are able to maximise their earning potential per hour and students get to have fun, interactive lessons with friends or colleagues, all while learning safely in different locations.