Company Policy

Our INC Company Policy is to help guarantee that is a safe environment. Students and tutors from all over the world can connect and help each other become familiar with any subject or language.  
At, our default position isn't to erase or alter produced content in any of's forums. Be that as it may, there are cases in which may do so in light of infringement of the Company Policy, the Terms and Conditions, and all other policies found throughout the site. 

These actions can incorporate 

1.1.    Deleting records 

1.2.    Removing or altering the copy and content. 

Company Conduct Policy

1.    No Spam 

Please do not send a similar message to various recipients over and over again or post the same message on any platform run or owned by This includes any online networking channels run or overseen by 

2.    No Hook-ups or sexual content  

Do not to contact other individuals for dating, or to explore other sexual interactions of any nature. views this as badgering, and takes reports of undesirable or lewd gestures seriously. If guilty of this, has full right to prosecute you and ban you from the site.  

3.    No Advertising

Do not post any material for self-advancement or business-related publicizing on the web platform or message platforms. 

4.    No Stealing of Identities 

Professing to be someone else, creating or making a bogus nearness of someone else’s profile or identity or building fictitious records is not permitted. Copied, phony, and joke profiles conflict with our organization rules and will be erased. 

5.    No Harassment does not allow badgering, tormenting or stalking. will take serious legal action on all reports of such practices.

Company Content Policy

Any person that abuses policies can and will be deleted or de-activated from any site related to's platform. 

1.    Hate Speech and Offensive Language doesn't allow, loathe discourse or hostile language. We don't permit clients to assault others because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, incapacity or ailment. 

2.    Commercial or Promotional Content 

We ask that you respect our students and tutors by not reaching out to them for business purposes without their consent. Likewise, do not make posts or remarks exclusively for business purposes since this detracts from, and does not enhance the language-learning and other subjects teaching initiatives. 

3.    Sexual and Pornographic Content has a strict policy against the sharing of obscene literature and any sexually explicit material. 

4.    Pirated Content doesn't permit clients to share content on, where they have not reserved the privileges to do as such. We ask that you respect copyrights, brand names, and other lawful rights. 

5.    Political or Religious Discussions doesn't allow conversations identifying or associated with any political or religious groups.  

6.    Violence 

You may not compromise others, or incite demonstrations of violence. 

7.    Self-Harm pays attention to the dangers of self-hurt. We remove any indication of self-mutilation, dietary problems, or medication misuse.  

8.    Defamation maintains whatever authority is needed to expel any abusive content and will move against any individuals who plan or are expected to institute actions to hurt the organization or its image.

Reporting Violations 

On the off chance that you think another person is abusing the Company Policy or Terms and conditions, please report it to us immediately. 

If you see a post or remark that abuses the Company Policy or Terms and Conditions, kindly report it to