Fees and discounts

Generally, other similar platforms charge 15% - 40% fees per lesson – we charge a maximum of 12.5% (remember you never pay a fee, it is deducted from the lessons you give)

With anytutor37.com you will pay up to 40% less fees than what you would with some other platforms.

Other platforms charge fees from month one. With anytutor37.com your first month is fee free.

After month one your default fee is 12.5% but if you give 100 lessons at 10 dollars or more, we reduce your fee to 12%

After 200 lessons your fee payable to the site drops to 11% 

After 250 lessons your fee goes down to a ridiculous 10%

This includes group classes - so if you give only 25 classes and they are all full group classes, at full price, your fee will be only 10% - no one else that we are aware of, offers this.

You also earn the ability to pay less fees when you refer students to the site in your first month and this you will do anyway as you would like to teach them, not so? We offer that incentive as a token of our sincerity for your effort.


Students are charged a flat 2.9 - 4,9% fee when making a deposit into their wallet.

This varies as Paypal fees fluctuate. For example: If the student deposits $100 and the fee is 3% the student will be credited with 97 credits into their student wallet.


When withdrawing funds, tutors are only charged the fee as stipulated by Paypal and this fluctuates as their fees are amended from time to time. For example: If the tutor withdraws $100 and the fee is 2% then the tutors paypal account or bank account will be credited by $98.

Naturally, any fees the bank charges the tutor is out of our control.


Once the lesson has been completed, the teacher is paid from the student’s wallet. As these funds accumulate, the teacher can request a withdrawal anytime of every month from the platform. Payout dates are on the 1st, 15th and the 25th only. Received withdrawal requests will be paid on the following payout date. For example: If the tutor requests a withdrawal on the 10th of the month. The amount requested will be paid on the 15th of the month.